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Giving WellCare a voice among the crowd

Every fall, seniors are bombarded with offers to sign up for Medicare. WellCare was looking for a new approach to its messaging, and a way to differentiate in a crowded marketplace.

Rauxa drew from primary research, focus groups, and online listening and monitoring to determine what was missing from the category.

Seniors wanted someone to simplify Medicare for them—to be direct, clear, and help make it all a little less complicated. They were looking for someone to be a partner they could trust.

Through a cross-channel strategy, we positioned WellCare as the brand that focuses on members. We explained the steps, options, and services in plain language that anyone could understand. This approach was carried out across multiple products, print, DRTV, web, and social.

Research, insight, and smart planning resulted in straightforward messaging that stood out. And it worked, really well.


500% improvement in online lead totals from previous years

20% exceeded corporate acquisition goals