Investing in the Impact of Diversity

Many people ask us what being the largest independent women-owned and -led advertising agency means to clients. Even our own employees, while super proud, wonder what the “marketing” benefit is to an already successful independent mid-sized agency.

It’s easy to quote the obvious response to this question, like “closing the gender pay gap is overdue,” or “marketing has a poor track record of making a difference.” It’s even easier to believe that “diversifying your workplace is simply the right thing to do.”

We first need to establish what the real objective is when discussing the benefits of diversification in the workplace—particularly in the marketing industry. The true goal in any organization should be to create an atmosphere of inclusion. Diversity is merely the measure of success. 

The real benefit of inclusion is the positive impact it has on talent and business results.  People perform best when they feel valued, empowered, and respected by their peers. Neurological research clearly demonstrates that our most productive, innovative, and collaborative times at work happen when we feel like we are a part of a team. When we feel included and respected, our bodies create hormones and healthy energy that raises our performance at work.1

Many researchers have empirically proven that multiple points-of-view yield superior business outcomes. One of the most exhaustive studies on inclusion proved that “Diversity yields superior outcomes over homogeneity because progress and innovation depends less on lone thinkers with high intelligence than on diverse groups working together and capitalizing on their individuality.”2

While Rauxa has always been a gender-diverse organization, there’s little doubt that there is more to be done. In 2017, we are investing in an industry-leading organization called Creative Spirit that will provide positions for people of all abilities. We believe that Creative Spirit represents an opportunity to send a strong inclusion message and bring a new brand of creativity and technical expertise to advertising, tech, and media companies alike.

Diversity in the workplace raises performance, health, energy, and collaboration, and, as a result, drives the lifeblood of this economy—innovation. In an industry that has been truly transformed by the digital revolution, marketing organizations that do not jump on the inclusion bandwagon will miss their opportunity to drive future business.

Laurel Rossi

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Laurel Rossi

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