It’s what we do.



“The saying ‘Half my ad budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half’ is an antiquated thought. I can tell you exactly which half works, and which doesn’t.”
Rita Ku – Chief Intelligence Officer



“The best online experiences are contextual, anticipatory and engaging. Building technology solutions that deliver on all three of those elements, makes your brand future proof.”
Arthur Fullerton – Chief Technology Officer



“If you want to be a successful creative, you have to change and grow and learn all the time. You cannot be set in your ways, ever.”
Lincoln Bjorkman – Chief Creative Officer


We have powerful partners.

Located in Los Angeles, Cats on the Roof is a one-stop production house, delivering content that drives engagement and entertainment.


We’re made of something different.

We act with empathy and urgency. We treat your time, your money, and your business like they’re our own. We answer the phone. We keep our promises. We show up. And we knock it out of the park.

Head. Heart. Hustle.

It’s our DNA.






Unbridled emotion with a redeeming touch of madness.

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